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Giraffe Dies on Motorway, Low Bridge to Blame

Long neck + low bridge = HORRIBLE idea.

Would You Send Your Kids to Summer Camp in North Korea?

Believe it or not, the parents of 300 children from other countries said, "sure."

Drug-Packed Drone Crashes Outside High-Security Prison

An air delivery of pot and roofies make prisoners happy. Almost.

Turning the Red Planet Green

To find out if plants can live on other planets, NASA wants to send some to Mars.

Secret Service Says Joe Biden Loves Swimming Nekkid

In a new tell-all, USSS agents talk about having to watch the VP skinny dip.

PETA to Detroiters: Go Vegan and We'll Pay Your Water Bill

The delusional advocacy group somehow fails to see how that's a Catch 22.

New Smoothie Could Replace All Food

A new smoothie contains everything you need to survive. And it doesn’t taste like crap.

Black Cat Abandonment on Rise, Selfies May be to Blame

Prepare to lose all faith in humanity.

Children Need Parents, Not Fathers

A response to a Time’s op-ed piece that really hits home.

Couple Finds Naked Stranger Sleeping in Bed

The snoozing jerk thought it was his girlfriend's place.

Man Arrested for Killing, Marinating Ex's Puppy

Not sure about aliens, but monsters definitely do exist in New Mexico.

Education Blogger Fired For Writing About 'Homophones'

Utah should just ban all Latin prefixes to protect its people from "gay" sounding words.

Finding Pirate Treasure In Florida: Government Wants a Cut

Florida State unleashes its inner pirate.

Geraldo Says Women Are Only Good for 'Youth'

And he did it on live TV surrounded by females.