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Fashion Made From Condoms — Activism Or Just Strange?

One artist designs beautiful dresses... out of condoms.

Just In Time For Batman Day, Here's His Face On An Iceberg

Na na na na na na na na BAT-BERG!

Anti-Abortionists Mad at Ice Cream, Here's the Scoop Why

How one local ice cream shop's support of Planned Parenthood caused online screams.

Weird Al's Album Goes to # 1 After Genius Internet Strategy

Nerds and Geeks everywhere celebrate!

NRA Mouthpiece Says School Kids Should Have To Shoot Guns

He suggests children should be required to pass shooting tests to advance in school.

Silly Video Pokes Fun at Kim Jong Un, Angers Glorious Leader

North Korean dictator to some guy with a Youtube account: Respect my authority!

Hospital Owes $190 Mil to Women Secretly Filmed by OB-GYN

The Johns Hopkins Medical Center will compensate the pervy doctor's many victims.

Woman Who Shot Lover Over Bad Sex Granted $10K Bond

This is the harshest way to tell someone they need to step up their game in the bedroom.

David Lynch Releases Women's Sportswear For Charity

The director's new venture is so conventional…it's weirding me out. Touché, Lynch!

New Zealand Man Sets World Record With Homer Simpson Tattoos

That's certainly one way to honor your favorite TV show.

Cat Poop Could Possibly Cure Cancer, Scientists Say

Having conquered YouTube, cats move on to advancing modern medicine.

Some U.S. Cities Are Ruling It Illegal to Be Homeless

Lawmakers tell vagabonds: Get a home, or else!

Man Stole 200 Pairs Of Underwear From Victoria's Secret

Warning: This man is still at large.

Family Planning Center Sued for Not Hiring a Pro-Life Nurse

Nurse thinks she should have gotten the job AND been allowed to do it on her own terms.