Can You Guess the Dog by the Emoji?


above image courtesy of sophiecat via Shutterstock

Dogs were made for the internet — plain and simple. Whether you are a dog lover or not — and if you're not, who even are you? —  you know you've gone down a giant wormhole (dog hole?) when it comes to looking at viral dog content. Those goofballs have caused us to spend hours upon hours, pouring over social media, looking at dog memes, dog videos, and dog gifs. Seriously, how can you get any work done when there's stuff like this on the internet?

COME ON!!!!!

That being said, the internet's dog emoji game could seriously use an upgrade. To put it bluntly, dog emojis are...seriously basic. It's the same three or four emojis that we all use, which seems kinda of ridiculous when you consider there are  around 340 different dog breeds currently in the world. It makes you wonder, what other emojis can we all use to best describe dog breeds on the internet?

Well, interested in finding out, created a fun, interactive emoji quiz to challenge your dog breed knowledge and to see whether you really know your doggone stuff. (We don't regret that pun in the slightest.) Below is the quiz, with the answers provide at the bottom. (No cheating!)

Share with your doge-obsessed friends to see who can be named the smartest pooch lover around. Don't get cocky: cause trust's harder than you think!

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