Here's The Most Popular Halloween Candy In Each State!


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"It's the most wonderful time of the year...."

No! Not Christmas...Halloween! Forget bringing all that good cheer, mistletoe, and ho ho ho. WE. WANT. CANDY. Honestly, it's the whole point of celebrating the holiday in the first place.

That being said, not all candy is created equal. We all have our faves; the ones we eat immediately, the ones we store away like squirrels once winter comes, the ones we absolutely, positively refuse to share with anyone else. And just like our individual tastes differ when it comes to candy, so does each state. That's why our friends at have come up with an interactive map that shows you the most popular Halloween candy in each of the fifty states.


Among those who celebrate Halloween, 96% will purchase candy. Wait...only 96%? Shouldn't it be 1000%? (We're not good at math.)

Want more candy stats? Check out's nifty state by state data table below for when you wanna dive deeper into the candy pool:


According to the National Retail Federation, Halloween candy spending should hit a whopping $3Billion this year! That’s a 20% increase over last year and 10% over the previous all time high. Overall, Halloween spending is predicted to be over $10Billion. That’s up 26% over last year. And you know what we say to that? Hell yeah!

*check out Hot Tamales hittin' the top 5! *

And if can't get enough of the candy content, check out's ranking of the worst Halloween candy out there. Agree? Disagree? Remember, there are no wrong answers when it comes to Halloween candy. (Well, except for candy corn. That stuff is THE WORST.)

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