These Are The Cities With The Most Roaches (Yikes!)


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Let's just call it like it is: roaches are the WORST. No one likes them (who would?) and, yet, they are inescapable. According to the Census Bureau, the national average for roach sightings is 11.3 percent. YIKES.

Unfortunately, roaches are everywhere — it's kind of their thing — and nowhere are they more abundant than in major U.S. metropolises. Apartment Guide recently took a look at some of the most populous metro areas in the U.S. to see how they ranked for roach sightings using the newest data from the American Housing Survey.

 Did your city make the list? Read on...if you dare.


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The Top Three Cities in the South with the Most Roach Infestations

Houston, Texas —  35.24%
Atlanta, Georgia —  29.35%
Miami, Florida —  26.03%

The Top Three Cities in the North with the Most Roach Infestations

Philadelphia —  18.90%
Boston —  18.38%
Washington, D.C. —  15.90%

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Are you properly freaked out now? It's okay if you are. But while you can't totally escape roaches in big cities, there are ways to minimize those pesky critters in your own home. Things like keeping a clean space, gettin rid of garbage promptly, storing food properly, looking out for and repairing rot, and general inspections of your home will help keep your place roach-free. Cause just because you live there, doesn't mean those little suckers have to as well.

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